Setting the Show Internal IDs Preference

You should set the Show Internal IDs preference when working with SOAP web services or SuiteScript. Setting this preference lets you see the internal IDs for all fields, records, lists, workflow actions, and custom forms in NetSuite. In SOAP web services (and in SuiteScript) you will reference many of these IDs in your code.


The Show Internal IDs field is only available when at least one of the following features is enabled in your account: Client SuiteScript, Server SuiteScript, SuiteScript Server Pages, SuiteFlow, or SOAP web services (on the SuiteCloud tab) or Advanced Site Customization or SuiteCommerce Advanced (on the Web Presence tab). For more information, see Enabling Features.

To set the Show Internal IDs preference:

  1. Go to Home > Set Preferences. The General subtab is displayed by default.

  2. In the Defaults section, click Show Internal IDs.

When this preference is set:

Changes to this preference affect only the current user.

For more details, see Showing Record and Field IDs in Your Account.

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