Fields in SOAP Web Services

NetSuite records contain standard body fields and custom fields. Standard fields are those that come with all NetSuite accounts. In SOAP web services, a record's standard body fields are its attributes, for example:, SalesOrder.salesRep. Standard fields must be of one of the following logical types.




Corresponds to the xsd:string type in the XML Schema


Corresponds to the xsd:int type in the XML Schema


Corresponds to the xsd:double in the XML Schema


Corresponds to the xsd:boolean type in the XML Schema and has valid values of true or false. If not explicitly set to either true or false, then set as false.


Corresponds to the xsd:dateTime type in the XML Schema which conforms to the ISO 8601 standard.


Corresponds to the RecordRef type in the XML Schema. References an nsKey value for any other record in the system including system defined constants that are controlled by the system.


Corresponds to a specific type defined as an enum in the XSD that represents system constants that are also available in the UI.


Corresponds to a specific type defined as an enum in the XSD that represents system constants that are NOT available in the UI.


A List references a type that is a list and should be explicitly defined in the in the XML Schema as a type. A list can either be null (if it is an optional field), or it must contain at least one entry unless otherwise noted.

Custom fields are those that have been created by NetSuite users to customize their accounts. Custom fields can be added to an account using point-and-click customization tools. They can also be added through the SOAP web services add operation. Custom fields must be one of the types defined in Custom Field Types.

On records, custom fields are contained in the customFieldList property. For more details, see CustomFieldList.


If you are getting unusual results in your SOAP web services queries, it may be that a standard field has been customized.

Consider the following general guidelines when working with both standard and custom fields.


If you are unfamiliar with NetSuite custom fields, you should see Custom Fields. This section describes the purpose and general characteristics of each custom field type, which will help you when working with the SOAP customization API (described in Customization).

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