SuiteApp Distribution

SuiteApp distribution includes SuiteBundler, SuiteApp Marketplace, and SuiteApp Control Center capabilities that you can use to distribute customizations to accounts.

NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following changes:

Terms of Service for SDF SuiteApps

Starting in 2024.1, NetSuite SDN (SuiteCloud Developer Network) partners are now able to optionally define customer-facing Terms of Service for their SuiteApps available from the SuiteApp Marketplace. Terms of Service serve as useful contractual documents that clarify the conditions that users are required to meet to install and run the application. When the Terms of Service are accepted, the user may proceed with the installation to their NetSuite account. Users also have the option of declining the terms. For details, see Terms of Service.

Bundle Support During Release Phasing

Bundle support during phasing of 2024.1 is consistent with the support provided during previous releases. During phasing of 2024.1, some accounts continue to use 2023.2 at the same time that other accounts are upgraded to 2024.1. Therefore, you may be using a different version than some of the accounts where your bundles are installed.

Review the following descriptions for a reminder of how bundles from different versions are handled during release phasing:

  • Bundles developed with 2023.2 can be installed in accounts that are already using 2024.1.

  • Bundles developed with 2024.1 can be installed in accounts that are still using 2023.2, but with the following limitations:

    • When a user in a 2023.2 account installs a bundle from a 2024.1 account, the bundle installation stops if there are object types in the bundle that are not supported in 2023.2.

    • A bundle with a script that uses a new API available only in 2024.1 can be installed into a 2023.2 account, but the script may not function correctly because 2023.2 does not support the API.

General Notices