Setting Up CTI Telephony Integration

To use Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you must set up an account with one of our partners, 8x8 or Five9. Software provided by these partners uses VoIP to work with your NetSuite account to provide click-to-call for out bound calls and Screen Population (Screen Pop) technology for incoming calls.

To set up your account for CTI, an account administrator must go to Setup > Company > Enable Features. On the SuiteCloud subtab, check the boxes next to Telephony Integration and SuiteTalk (Web Services).

To set up telephony integration with CTI:

  1. Go to Home > Set Preferences, and click the Telephony subtab.

  2. In the Telephony Option field, select CTI.

  3. In the CTI URL field, enter the URL corresponding to the partner you have chosen:

  4. Click Save.


See 8x8 or Five9's documentation for more information on setting up partner software to work with NetSuite.

To learn how to initiate and end calls, see Making Calls From NetSuite.

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