Drilling Down to Records or Transactions

You can quickly shift between summary and detail versions of a report by clicking the navigation links available next to report titles.


By default, when you click a custom summary report's View Detail link, drilldown goes to the standard detail report, not to a customized detail report with the same set of data as the custom summary report.

In addition, when you view a standard or ad-hoc report, you can click most entity names, transaction names, or amounts to drill down to records, transactions, or detail reports.

For example, when viewing the Sales by Customer Summary report, you can click the customer name to drill down to the customer record. You can also click sales amounts to drill down to the Sales by Customer Detail report filtered to show only transactions related to that amount. When the Detail report opens, you can click the transaction type, number, or amount to view the transaction record.

For most reports, the following drilldowns are supported for field-level links:

When you click...

You drill down to...

Entity names

(Customers, Vendors, Partners, Employees, etc.)

Entity record


Item record


Account record

Account amounts

Account Detail Report filtered to only transactions related to that amount.

Transaction amounts

Transaction record or detail report


The following fields currently do not support drill down: amounts in ad-hoc summary style reports, amounts in ad-hoc matrix style reports, amounts for added columns in standard summary style reports, formulas.

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