Online Customer Forms

Online customer forms are used to receive information about customers, leads, and contacts from your website. With online customer forms, you can create online lead forms or provide customers and contacts a way to update their information. You can customize the appearance of these forms.

When you save your online customer form, NetSuite creates an external URL for the form. This URL appears in the External subtab, under the field label Publishable Form URL. With this URL, you can:

To avoid duplicate records, NetSuite can compare information entered in specific fields on the form to similar information in existing records, for example, Email Address or Phone Number. If there is a match, you can determine how NetSuite handles the duplicate information.

Online customer forms can also be used to create contact records. For more information, see Using Online Customer Forms for Contacts.

You can create HTML templates to customize the appearance of your online customer forms to match the look of your website. For more information, read Online Form Templates.


Before a customer or contact can access online customer forms, they must enable Javascript in their browser.

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