Set Presentation Services Privileges for Application Roles

If you create an application role, you must set appropriate privileges to enable users with the application role to perform various functional tasks.

For example, you might want users with an application role named BISalesAdministrator to be able to create Actions. In this case, you grant them a privilege named Create Invoke Action.

If you create an application role to grant permissions, then you must set Presentation Services privileges for the new role.

Explicitly denying a Presentation Services permission takes precedence over user access rights either granted or inherited as a result of group or application role hierarchy.


Privilege updates are retained after your instance is updated to Release 22A or later.

Existing catalog groups are automatically migrated during the upgrade process to corresponding new application roles that use the naming convention _GRP2ROLE, and grant the same Oracle BI Presentation Catalog privileges. You can delete any remaining catalog groups.

  1. Log in as a user with Administrator privileges.
  2. From the Home page select Administration.
  3. In the Security area, click Manage Privileges.
  4. Click an application role next to the privilege that you want to administer.

    For example, to administer the privilege named Access to Scorecard for the application role named BIConsumer, click the BIConsumer link next to Access to Scorecard.

    Use the Privilege <privilege_name> dialog to add application roles to the list of permissions, and grant and revoke permissions from application roles. For example, to grant the selected privilege to an application role, you must add the application role to the Permissions list.

  5. Add an application role to the Permissions list, as follows:
    1. Click Add Users/Roles.
    2. Enter your application role search criteria in the Search field.Search criteria must use the exact string or the asterisk character (*). For example, enter BI Author, or BI*, or *Author to search for the role called BI Author.
    3. Select Application Roles from the list and click Search.
    4. Select the application role from the results list.
    5. Use the shuttle controls to move the application role to the Selected Members list.
    6. Click OK.
  6. Set the permission for the application role by selecting Granted or Denied in the Permission list.
  7. Save your changes.