About Financials

Financials delivers tools to help you quickly develop plans and forecasts, and generate core financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements for internal analysis. Financials provides these components that you can enable incrementally to best meet your business needs:

  • Revenue / Gross Margin

  • Expense

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow

  • Income Statement

  • Analysis

Financials integrates with Capital, Workforce, and Projects so that planners can create very granular plans, forecasts, and financial reports that include different types of data.

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Learn about Financials.

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Tutorials provide instructions with sequenced videos and documentation to help you learn a topic.

Your Goal Learn How

Learn how to plan using driver-based data in Financials. See how you can create business plans and models that focus on key factors or criteria in your organization that impact and drive performance.

tutorial icon Driver-Based Planning in Financials

Learn how to perform trend-based planning in Financials. See how to enter trend-based assumptions that let you plan and forecast based on trends.

tutorial icon Trend-Based Planning in Financials

Learn how to leverage KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in Financials by using out-of-the-box KPIs or adding your own. KPIs enable you to collect objective, quantifiable data or data that indicates progress toward a performance or strategy target. Use KPIs to reflect the health of key areas in your organization.

tutorial icon Leveraging KPIs in Financials

Learn how to calculate actuals, and prepare plans and forecasts. After enabling Financials, you configure and set up the starting point of your planning and forecasting cycle. See how to leverage out-of-the-box calculations to aggregate and prepare actual, plan, and forecast data.

tutorial icon Calculating Actuals and Preparing Plans and Forecasts in Financials