Planning provides five complete, planning and budgeting solutions for Financials, Workforce, Capital, Projects, and Strategic Modeling. They include built-in best practice predefined content including forms, calculations, dashboards, drivers, and key performance indicators (KPIs). You can get up and running quickly by enabling only the features you need, and later enable additional features to enhance your application. You can integrate to plan at the detail level you need. Configurable help provides default descriptions for forms and members, which you can customize for your business needs.

  • Financials— Enhance your ability to manage and analyze finances at any business level using driver or trend-based income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow planning, or simply plan revenue and expenses. With the best practice, out of box key performance indicators, drivers, and accounts, Financials accelerates your planning process. See About Financials.

  • Projects— Bridge the gap between project planning systems and the financial planning process. Assess the impact organizational projects and initiatives have on overall corporate resources and ensure they align with short and long term financial targets. See About Projects.

  • Workforce—Headcount and compensation planning to link financial plans with the workforce plan. Budget for future headcount and related personnel expenses such as salary, benefits, and taxes. See About Workforce.

  • Capital— Planning for the long-term impact of capital assets on financial plans. Manage, prioritize, and plan for capital expenses. See About Capital.

  • Strategic Modeling—For long-term strategic planning, this solution combines a set of rich financial forecasting and modeling features with built in on-the-fly scenario analysis and modeling capabilities. See About Strategic Modeling.

After you enable features, predefined artifacts are created including:

  • Dimensions, including Accounts

  • Forms

  • Rules (calculations)

  • Member formulas

  • Dashboards

Forms integrate with the dashboards and reports that dynamically reflect data, plans, and forecasts.

Oracle reserves the right to restrict export or import of the provided content in the future.


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