About Workforce

Workforce enables planners to align critical corporate resources—people and dollars—with the strategies that best leverage a competitive advantage. Using Workforce, departments collaborate to plan headcount and related expenses such as salaries, health care, bonuses, and taxes. Planners can see up-to-date graphics that show expenses and trends.

Depending on the features that you enable, planners can manage and track headcount expenses by:

  • Analyzing, calculating, and reporting on headcount, salary, bonuses, taxes, and health care expenses

  • Planning for hires, transfers, promotions, terminations, and so on

  • Defining country-appropriate taxes and benefits

To integrate corporate strategy with execution, enable the Strategic Workforce option. Strategic Workforce enables Human Resource departments to plan long-range headcount and required skills. Planners can analyze future demands on the workforce by exploring scenarios that impact those demands.


To augment your workforce strategies, see Administering and Working with Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud.

You can enable Workforce stand-alone, or integrate it with Financials and Projects. See Integration Scenarios and Workflow.

You can also align and pull data from Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, using Data Management to load data. Data Management provides an out-of-the-box solution that enables you to apply predefined mappings from the Oracle HCM Cloud model to target dimensions in Workforce. (See Integrating Oracle HCM Cloud.) You can also customize and extend these integrations, for example, by applying other mappings to meet your business needs.

Workforce provides these components that you can enable incrementally to best meet workforce planning needs:
  • Compensation Planning

  • Other Expenses

  • Demographics

  • Analysis

  • Strategic Workforce


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