About Projects

Use Projects to evaluate how assets and resources related to corporate initiatives are allocated, and analyze their probable return on investment. Projects unifies the decision-making process between corporate financial planning and project financial planning processes. Because the approval processes for projects are tied to the approvals for financial plans and forecasts, Projects ensures agreement between project sponsors, key stakeholders, and financial decision makers. This aligns project plans and financial plans with financial targets and corporate long-range financial plans.

Projects supports several types of projects:

  • Indirect, or internal projects—Projects that are run internally by your company, such as IT, RD, and marketing projects.

  • Contract projects—Projects that generate revenue; used for companies such as engineering companies that make money from contract projects.

  • Capital projects—Projects that manage capital investments, for companies that invest in capital assets. For example, a company building a new facility can manage costs, labor, equipment, and so on to manage capitalization of assets.

Projects provides these components that you can enable incrementally to best meet your project planning needs:
  • Project Summary

  • Expense

  • Revenue

  • Analysis


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