Configuring Budget Revisions Descriptive Information

Use Budget Revisions Descriptive Information to create custom fields for Budget Revisions. These fields are added to the Budget Revisions forms so users can add more details for revisions. Adding metadata using this configuration task ensures that members are added in the correct location in the Account dimension hierarchy.

  1. From the Home page, click Application, and then click Configure.
  2. From the Configure list, select Financials.
  3. Click Budget Revisions Descriptive Information.
  4. Select a component and then from the Actions menu, select Import or Batch Import to import metadata from a file.

    • Header Descriptive Details—By default, includes Header Notes and Header Attachment URL

    • Line Descriptive Details—By default, includes Line Notes and Line Attachment URL

  5. To add another member for descriptive information, select Add from the Actions menu, and then enter details in the new row.


  • If you add custom fields, you must refresh the database.
  • Justification and Header Description are part of Header and are required fields.
  • If you enable these fields, after you complete setup in Data Integration, you must map these fields to Budgetary Control fields in Data Integration. See Mapping Custom Budget Revision Attributes.