Designing Flex Forms

Flex forms are a form type that provides flexible row and column management in Oracle Smart View for Office.

Flex forms retain all regular form properties and features, such as running business rules attached to the flex form, running rules on save or before save, and enabling some ad hoc-specific functionality. However, with flex forms, dimension and member row and column cells and all data cells are unprotected. This means that Smart View users can rearrange row and column members, and sort or move rows or columns. Modified row and column order is maintained on refresh and during submit. Smart View users can also filter data using Excel's filtering functionality.


Flex forms are used only in Smart View and not in the web interface.

During form definition:

  • Select Enable flex form for rows, or Enable flex form for columns, or both, to enable flex form-specific features. These options are located in the Layout tab, under Smart View Options.

    See Setting Smart View Form Options.

  • If you have selected Enable flex form for rows, or Enable flex form for columns, or both, then you can enable the Show invalid members on flex form option. This option is located in the Layout tab, under Smart View Options.

    When entering member names in a flex form, errors may occur; for example, a user may mistype or misspell a member name; make an error when copying and pasting member names from one sheet to another, or within the same sheet; or enter a member name that is beyond the form definition, resulting in an invalid member. By enabling the Show invalid members for flex form option, the flex form will retain any invalid members on the form after refresh. Invalid members are highlighted making them easy to locate and edit. After users make necessary corrections to member names and refresh again, they can then enter and submit data on the flex form.

    See Setting Smart View Form Options.

  • On a row-by-row basis, or column-by-column basis, or both, enable the Flex beyond form definition option. The Flex beyond form definition property is located under Dimension Properties in the Layout tab when a row or column is selected.

    When this option is enabled for a row or column dimension, Smart View users may add row or column members to the flex form that are not included as part of the form definition. Do this only for the rows or columns you require flex functionality.

    See Setting Dimension Properties.

  • Define action menus to open another flex form in Smart View.

    To define action menus:

    See Administering Action Menus.

    To attach an action menu to a flex form:

    See Setting Form Precision and Other Options.

For information on using flex forms:

See Flex Forms in Working with Oracle Smart View for Office.


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