Setting Your Preferences

You can set preferences to control many aspects of function and display, including how reports and forms are printed.


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Learn about setting user preferences. video icon Overview: Setting User Preferences in Planning


The preferences that you set take precedence over the preferences that your administrator set, but you can restore the administrator's setting by clicking Use Administrator's Settings.

To set your preferences:

  1. On the Home page, click Tools Tools icon on Home page, and then User Preferences icon for User Preferences.
  2. Click the tabs on the left to set your preferences.
    • General: Set your profile photo, your preferences for time zone, language, which alias table to use, the display of member names and aliases, and approvals options, including an out of office message. See Setting General Preferences.
    • Display: Set your preferences for how numbers are formatted, how members are displayed on Page drop-down lists, whether consolidation operators are displayed, and the date format. See Setting Your Display Preferences.
    • Notifications: Set your email address and select which activities you want to be notified about—Task Lists, Approvals, and the Jobs. See Setting Up Email for Notifications.
    • Ad Hoc Options: Set options for working with ad hoc grids. See Setting Ad Hoc Options.
    • User Variables: Select members for user variables that your administrator set up. See Setting User Variables.
    • Reports: Set preferences for displaying reports. See Setting Your Report Preferences.
    • Form Printing: Set your preferences for how to print data in forms as PDF files. See Setting Your Printing Preferences.
    • Recently Used Members: See and set which members are used in the POV for forms and reports.
    • Strategic Modeling: If Strategic Modeling is enabled, set your calculation-related preferences for Strategic Modeling calculations. See Setting Your Strategic Modeling Preferences.