About the Manage Rules Screen

You define allocation logic for applications in the Manage Rules screen. You can define global and rule set contexts (dimension defaults), define rule sets, and define rules that access data sources, data destinations, drivers, and offsets.

For tutorials about managing rules and rule sets with the Manage Rules screen, see these videos:

video cloud png Managing Rules in Profitability and Cost Management

video cloud png Managing Rule Sets in Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud

Each group of rule sets and rules applies to a single POV.


There are allocation rules and custom calculation rules. The same context and rule set information applies to both rule types.

To define allocations for a Profitability and Cost Management application:

  1. On the Home page of an application with data, click Navigator button.
  2. Click Rules .

    The Manage Rules screen opens, similar to Figure 8-1.

    Figure 8-1 The Manage Rules Screen

    You can select a POV, define a global context, define rule sets, and define rules in the Manage Rules content area.

See the following sections for information about defining and managing allocations in a Profitability and Cost Management application:

See Performing Single-POV Calculations Using the Navigator for information about running calculations and performing allocations.