Deleting POVs and All Artifacts

To erase data in Oracle Essbase, before deleting the POV, perform the "Clear All" function for the selected POV. See Clearing Selected Artifacts from POVs.

To delete POVs and their associated artifacts (such as rules and rule sets):

  1. Ensure that no other users require the POV and its contents.
  2. Optional: To erase data in Essbase, select Clear All data as described in Clearing Selected Artifacts from POVs.
  3. Display the Points of View screen (Opening the Points of View Screen) or Execution Control screen ( Opening the Execution Control Screen ).
  4. Select the POV to delete.
  5. Select Actions, and then Delete Point of View, Delete Point of View icon.

    The Delete Point of View dialog box displays POV dimensions for the selected POV.

  6. Click OK to delete the POV.

    The POV is removed from the list and is no longer available for selection.