Clearing Selected Artifacts from POVs

You can clear or delete selected objects (artifacts) from a POV, described in this section. You can also create a query and clear a specific slice of input data from a POV (Clearing Selected Input Data from POVs).

To delete an entire POV, including its associated assignments and driver selections, see Deleting POVs and All Artifacts.

To clear (delete) selected artifacts from a POV:

  1. Ensure that no other users require the POV and its contents.
  2. Display the Points of View screen (Opening the Points of View Screen) or Execution Control screen ( Opening the Execution Control Screen ).
  3. Select the POV that contains the artifacts to clear.
  4. Select Actions, and then Clear Point of View, Clear Point of View icon.

    Figure 7-2 Clear Point of View Dialog Box

    Clear Point of View dialog box for Profitability and Cost Management applications. Use as described in the following steps.
  5. Click Comprehensive.
  6. Select the artifacts to clear.


    All artifacts of the selected type are cleared. If you want to clear only a certain type of input data, perform a Targeted clear (Clearing Selected Input Data from POVs).

  7. Click OK to clear the selected artifacts.

    See the Job Library to view a record of the operation.