About the Profitability and Cost Management Analytics Features

Profitability and Cost Management offers a variety of features for viewing sets of data, defined using analysis views and queries in charts and reports.

Service Administrators and Power Users can set up these tools for viewing by Users and Viewers.

View this video for an overview of the Profitability and Cost Management analytics features:

video cloud png Overview Video: Analytics Features in Profitability and Cost Management Cloud

To display the analytics features, listed in Table 6-1, click Intelligence, Intelligence icon, on the Profitability and Cost Management Home page.

Table 6-1 Profitability and Cost Management Analytics Features

Icon Name Description Link
Dashboards button


Create or view charts of values and trends for selected dimensions

Working with Dashboards

Intelligence button


Create or generate analysis views, scatter analysis graphs, profit curve charts, allocation trace charts, queries, and key performance indicators (KPIs):

Table 6-2

Reports button


Define or generate tables of query results

Working With Profitability and Cost Management Financial Reports

Academy button


Overview and tutorial content about Profitability and Cost Management



Academy content is available in a number of places and doesn't relate only to analytics.

The Intelligence icon, Intelligence button, accesses the following features (Table 6-2).

Table 6-2 Profitability and Cost Management Intelligence Analytics Features

Tab Description Link

Analysis View icon, Analysis Views

Analysis views provide a way to locate and save sets of data drawn from the database cube for the application.

Working with Analysis Views

Scatter Analyses icon, Scatter Analysis Graph

Scatter analysis graphs plot one value against another for the same member.

Working with Scatter Analysis Graphs

Profit Curves icon, Profit Curves

Profit curves are useful for profitability analysis. A population dimension, such as Customers or Products, displays along the x-axis in descending order by profit yields.

Working with Profit Curves

Trace Allocations icon, Trace Allocations

You begin an allocation trace by selecting a POV and model view to define a focal node to display allocations that contribute to the selected dimension of the focal node.

About Tracing Allocations

Queries icon, Queries

Service Administrators and others with sufficient security provisioning can define queries to gather data for management reporting, segmented profitability analysis, rule analysis, input data verification. You can run queries from the Intelligence screen.

Running Queries from the Intelligence Panel

Key Performance Indicators icon, Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are display tiles that show one value for one dimension. For example, you might show net income for a customer for the previous quarter.

Working with Key Performance Indicators