Welcome to the Revenue Transformation Solution

Welcome to the Oracle Revenue Transformation Solution guide! This guide gives you concepts and procedures you need to implement a complete revenue transformation solution using key integrated features of several Oracle applications or modules.

The Revenue Transformation Solution

As revenue leaders look to modernize and compete, that often means pivoting to new business models or expanding to hybrid models that incorporate subscriptions, products, and services. Oracle Sales is powering this transition with end-to-end business flows that extend to the Oracle Fusion ERP Suite for orders, invoicing, payments, and revenue recognition, enabling organizations to effectively and efficiently transition from one-time selling to anything-as-a-service (XaaS) models.

Oracle's Revenue Transformation Solution enables you to connect business processes to reach your full revenue potential. Oracle’s revenue transformation solution combines Oracle Sales, Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote (Oracle CPQ), Oracle Sales Performance Management, and Oracle Subscription Management – plus a host of Oracle's other revenue operations applications – to establish and accurately manage sales targets, sell any combination of products and services on a subscription basis, and provide global visibility into sales performance and revenue reporting.

The solution lets you price your product competitively, leveraging Oracle CPQ pricing capabilities in a single, unified administration flow, offering a streamlined user experience.

Launch, Sell, and Manage Quotes

Use these modules or components of Oracle Sales and Oracle CPQ:

  • Sales customer 360
  • Product catalog and pricing
  • Accounts and opportunities
  • Subscriptions and quoting, plus deal management

Manage Contracts and Billing

Use these modules or components of Oracle Subscription Management:

  • Recurring and usage billing
  • Modifications and adjustments
  • Renewals management

Invoice and Management Payments

Use these modules or components of Oracle Receivables:

  • Automated billing and collections
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Reporting and error correction

Recognize Revenue

Use these modules or components of Oracle Revenue:

  • Automated revenue management
  • ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance
  • Reporting and forecasting
  • Contract management

Renew and Negotiate Contracts

Use these modules or components of Oracle Sales, Oracle CPQ, and Oracle Subscription Management:

  • Renewal automation workflows
  • Recommendations and upgrades
  • Renewal analytics

Overview of Modules and Components That Are Part of the Solution

This graphic gives you an overview of the modules and components that are part of the solution:

Different modules and components of the solution

Integration with Oracle CPQ Provides the Greatest Benefits

This solution is designed to work with Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote (Oracle CPQ). The feature can be used without the Oracle CPQ integration in a more limited manner; however, the use of the Oracle CPQ integration provides the greatest benefits.

  • With Oracle CPQ integration on board, sales teams can create, price, launch, and manage products. Once launched, products are available for sales teams to use in deals.
  • If Oracle CPQ isn't integrated, then products can't be priced or launched. However, they can be priced using Oracle Sales price books and made available in Oracle Sales by setting the Eligible to Sell attribute to Yes in the product setup. Oracle CPQ pricing information won't appear, however.