Use Advanced Search

After running a search, you can add custom filters to suit your needs.

  1. In the search results, click Advanced Search. The Company or Contact Advanced Filters dialog displays.
    Advanced Search button
  2. Select an attribute, operator, and value for filters to refine your search.
  3. Filters with a magnifying glass in the Value column (as in the Country attribute) can suggest values based on data you enter. That is, as you enter the first couple letters or numbers, the application autosuggests values. For example, for SIC Code, you could enter ag to search for agriculture-related SIC codes. You can add or remove filters, then apply the new search.
    Advanced filters: companies
    Attention: With autosuggested values, Oracle recommends that you wait until values render, and then select from that list. Free form text values you enter in these fields (that were not autosuggested values) are not included in the filter criteria.

    Based on the attribute selected, the Operator and Value columns update to show only relevant options. Operator options may include the following: Equals, Not Equals, Contains, Not Contains, Is Greater Than Equals To, Is Less Than Equals To, Between, Starts With, Not Null, In, Not In, and Radius.

    Example 1: With the DUNS Number attribute, you can select the IN operator and then upload a file with a list of comma-separated DUNS numbers to search for companies in that list.

    Example 2: With the US Postal Code attribute, if you select the Between operator, then you could search for companies whose zip code is between two values (such as, between 94000 and 95000). If instead, you select the Radius operator, then you could search for companies within a specified distance of a zip code (such as, within a 30 mile radius of 94065).

    Management Level uses the following code values supplied by D&B management responsibility codes:
    • C-Level = 0, 1, 2

    • Vice-President = 5

    • Director = 6

    • Manager = 7

    • Other = greater than 7, and A, B, D, Z, or value is NULL

    Postal code radius searches cannot be used with another postal code (US or international) attribute. Also, international postal code radius searches must include one country attribute using the equals operator. Note that a radius search from a zip code could span across countries, if the distance exceeds the country boundary. The following countries support radius search:

    • Aland Islands

    • Algeria

    • Andorra

    • Argentina

    • Australia

    • Austria

    • Bangladesh

    • Belgium

    • Brazil

    • Bulgaria

    • Canada

    • Croatia

    • Czech Republic

    • Democratic Republic of Congo

    • Denmark

    • Dominican Republic

    • England

    • Faroe Islands

    • Finland

    • France

    • French Guiana

    • Germany

    • Greenland

    • Guadeloupe

    • Guam

    • Guatemala

    • Guernsey

    • Hungary

    • Iceland

    • India

    • Ireland

    • Isle Of Man

    • Italy

    • Japan

    • Jersey

    • Liechtenstein

    • Lithuania

    • Luxembourg

    • Macedonia

    • Malaysia

    • Malta

    • Marshall Islands

    • Martinique

    • Mayotte

    • Mexico

    • Moldova

    • Monaco

    • Netherlands

    • New Zealand

    • Northern Ireland

    • Northern Marianas

    • Norway

    • Pakistan

    • Philippines

    • Poland

    • Portugal

    • Puerto Rico

    • Reunion

    • Romania

    • Russian Federation

    • Samoa American

    • San Marino

    • Scotland

    • Slovakia

    • Slovenia

    • South Africa

    • Spain

    • Sri Lanka

    • St Pierre

    • Svalbard & Jan Mayen

    • Sweden

    • Switzerland

    • Thailand

    • Turkey

    • United Kingdom

    • USA

    • Vatican City

    • Virgin Islands US

    • Wales