Adding Currencies

The Tax Reporting metadata file defines most world currencies using the three-character ISO currency codes. Tax Reporting Default translation is processed based on the default currencies of the entities.

You should finish modifying entities and their required currencies before you finalize the currencies. By default, the currencies are displayed in the sequence in which they were created. If you delete any currencies, then you must check all entities to ensure that a deleted currency is not used as a default currency.


Oracle recommends that you retain only the currencies that are currently required and those that will be required in the foreseeable future in the Currency dimension of the final metadata file. Retaining unnecessary currency codes may cause performance degradation. Note that the Currency dimension is used only for the currency of the entities.

For information about the Currency dimension, see Currency Dimension.

To add a currency:

  1. From the Home page, select NavigatorNavigator icon , and then Dimensions.
  2. From Dimensions, select Currency, and then expand Input Currencies.
  3. Click Add CurrencyAdd Currency icon.
  4. Under Create Currency, perform the following steps:
    1. Under Select Standard Currency, select the ISO Currency Code that you want to use for the jurisdiction. For example, CAD for Canadian Dollar, or USD for United States dollar.
    2. Optional: Under Reporting Currencies, select the checkbox to add the currency under the Reporting Currency member.
    3. Set Data Storage to Store.
      Add currency screen
  5. Click Save.
  6. Refresh the database to capture all updates, as outlined in Refreshing the Database After Configuring Jurisdictions and Entities.