Creating a National Jurisdiction

National jurisdictions categorize the provision for income tax at a federal or country level.

For information about the Jurisdiction dimension, see Jurisdiction Dimension.

To create a jurisdiction:

  1. From the Home Page, select Navigator Navigator icon, and then Dimensions.
  2. From the Dimensions drop-down, select Jurisdiction.
  3. Expand TRCS_TotalJurisdiction, then select and expand TRCS_AllNational.
  4. Click Add Child Add child icon and enter the following information for the National jurisdiction:
    1. Under Name, enter a two-character name for the jurisdiction, such as "CA" or "US" Two character ISO codes are recommended (such as ISO-3166 Alpha 2 country codes) for the jurisdiction name.


      If more than two characters are used for the name, such as "CAN" or "USA", the name will not work with the domicile creation in the entity attributes.
    2. Enter the Alias that you want to display for the jurisdiction.
    3. Set Data Storage to Store or Never Share.


      Because this is a sparse dimension, do not set the Data Storage field to Dynamic Calc.
    4. Set Plan Type to Consol, and then select Addition.
      Add new jurisdiction
    5. Click Save.

Continue by creating the Regional Jurisdictions, as outlined in Creating a Regional Jurisdiction.