Period Dimension

The Period dimension represents time periods, such as quarters and months. It contains time periods and frequencies by displaying the time periods in a hierarchy.

By default, he application is created with 14 month periods which include the following:

  • YearTotal (P1 to P12)
  • P13 (RTA)
  • P14


By default, there are no quarterly periods or corresponding view members, such as QTD.

To define a Period Dimension:

  1. From the Home Page, select Application, then Overview, and then the Dimensions tab.
  2. Click Period to display the Period dimension properties.
    Complete the Period properties.
  3. Optional: Select the appropriate optional properties for your application:
    • Enter a Description for the Period dimension.
    • Select an Alias Table, if available.
    • Enter an Alias name for the Period dimension.
    • Check to use Two Pass Calculation.
    • Check to Apply Security.
  4. Select the type of Data Storage to be applied to the dimension:
    • Label Only
    • Never Share
    • Dynamic Calc
    • Dynamic Calc and Store
    • Store
  5. Under Display Option, select whether you want to display the Member Name or Alias in reports.
  6. Select the Hierarchy Type, if available.
  7. Review the Base Period, First Fiscal Year and Fiscal End Year. These values cannot be modified.
  8. Under Cube, select which cubes you want to use. You can use Consol, Rate or CbCR.
  9. Optional: Under Custom Attributes, under Actions, select Edit to modify the custom attribute, or Delete to remove the attribute.
  10. Under Custom Attributes, click Create to add a new custom attribute. Enter a name for the attribute, and select the Data Type.
  11. Click Done.