Setting Consolidated ETR Custom Attribute

You can apply the Consolidated ETR custom attribute to any of the following Accounts for which current year data is reported in the ETR forms (Consolidated, Statutory, and so on):

  • NIBT Accounts
  • Permanent Difference Accounts
  • Additional provision items


Do not apply this attribute to a Temporary Difference Account. This error would result in opening balances not being calculated for the temporary difference Account.

To set the Consolidated ETR Custom Attribute:

  1. From the Home page, click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, then under Create and Manage, select Dimensions.
  2. On the Dimension tab, select the Account member for which you want to attach the Attribute value, and then click Edit edit icon.
  3. On the Dimensions - Edit Member screen, select the Attribute Values tab,
  4. Under Available Attribute Values, expand Consolidated ETR, then select CETR, and then click Add to add the attribute to the list of Assigned Attribute Value.
  5. Click Save.