Setting Account Attribute Values

You specify Intercompany account and CICTA account attributes on the Attribute Values tab for the Account.

When you set the Intercompany Account property to Yes, you must specify a Plug account.

To set Account Attribute values:

  1. Select an existing Account member, click Edit and select the Attribute Values tab.
  2. Enter this information:

    Table 10-2 Intercompany Account Attribute Values

    Attribute Description

    Intercompany Account

    Specify if the account is an Intercompany account. If set to Yes, a Plug account must be specified for this account.


    This option is only available if Intercompany is enabled for the application.

    Is Plug Account

    Specify if this account can be a Plug account.

    Plug Account

    For the accounts that have Intercompany set to Yes, and IsPlugAccount is not set, you can specify a Plug account. Accounts with this property set to Yes can be selected as Plug Accounts.

    Table 10-3 CICTA Attribute Values

    Attribute Description

    Is CICTA Account

    Specify if this account is a CICTA account.

    CICTA Redirection Account

    To redirect the FX-To-CICTA posting to an account other than the seeded FCCS_CICTA account, specify the account to use.
  3. If you add a Plug account:
    1. Select the Account dimension member and select the Custom Attributes button.
    2. Select the attribute Plug Account and click the Synchronize button.

    This displays the newly added Plug account in the list of Plug Accounts on the right side of the Plug Account Attribute Values tree.