Creating the Data Import File

Before you begin loading, you must create an import file for each artifact that you want to import (data, smart lists, and exchange rate tables). The import file must contain a header record, and then below the header record, a list of data records that you want to import or update. The file format can be .csv (comma-delimited), or .txt (tab-delimited or other delimiter characters).

Creating Data File Import Format

The file format consists of rows and columns.

The first row consists of Column Headers. The first Column Header is the Dimension name of the import dimension. After that, there can be members from one other dimension called the driver dimension. The next Column Heading is the Point-of-View, and the last Column Heading is Data Load Cube Name.

Each row contains the member of the Load dimension as the first column. The next set of columns is the data value for each of the driver members. The Point-of-View column has members of the remaining dimension to uniquely identify the cell to which data is being imported. The Last column is the cube name - either Consol, Rates or CbCR.