Assigning Approval Unit Owners and Reviewers

Approval unit ownership is inherited from the approval unit parents. Approval unit reviewers are also inherited. You can specify different approval unit owners and reviewers other than those inherited by the approval units.

You must be a Service Administrator to assign approval unit Owners and Reviewers.

  • For Owner, you must assign one user or group as the Owner of the approval unit. The Owner should be assigned to the top level entity of the approval unit hierarchy.

  • For Reviewer, you can assign one or more users or groups as Reviewers of the approval unit.

If you select individual users as Reviewers, all users must perform the Approve action, and the approvals must follow the order in which the users are entered. If you select a group (or groups) as a Reviewer, any user within the group can be the Reviewer and can promote to the next level.

To assign approval unit owners and reviewers:

  1. Take an action:
    • From Primary and Subhierarchy Selection, click Next or select Assign Owners to continue defining an approval unit hierarchy.

    • Select Workflow, and then Approval Unit to edit an approval unit hierarchy.

  2. Select an approval unit, then under Owner, click the Select Owner icon to search for and select an owner.

    An approval unit can have only one owner. Either a user or a group can be the owner. Select the Users tab to assign an individual user as the owner. Select the Groups tab to assign a group as the owner.

  3. Under Reviewer, click Search and select approval unit reviewers.

    Reviewers can be individual users, a single group, or multiple groups. Select the Users tab to assign individual users as reviewers. Select the Groups tab to assign a single group or multiple groups as reviewers.


    If the reviewers are individual users, select the reviewers in the order that you want them to review the approval unit. The first reviewer in the list is the first user to work on the approval unit. When the first reviewer promotes the approval unit, the second reviewer selected becomes the approval unit owner, and so on through the list of reviewers that you create.

  4. Under Promotional Path, click Promotional Path icon to display the approval unit promotional path for the entity, verify that it is correct, and then correct any errors.

    For an entity to be approved and locked, the entity must have gone through the promotional path and reached the last owner or reviewer in the path. Only the last owner/reviewer on the promotional path can approve or lock the entity.

  5. Optional: Under Notify These Users, click Search to select the users to notify whenever an approval action is performed for the approval unit.
    In order to receive notifications, the user to be notified must set up email ID and enable approval notifications in User Preferences. See "Setting Up Email for Notifications" in Working with Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud.
  6. Optional: Repeat these steps for other approval units to assign owners and reviewers.
  7. Click Save to save your work and continue, or click OK to save your work and close the approval unit hierarchy.