Assigning Alert Type Viewers

The Viewers tab enables you to assign Viewer rights for alert types. Viewers have read-only access.

To assign Viewer rights:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Task Manager.
  2. Click the Alert Types tab on the left.
  3. Click New or Edit and click on the Viewers tab.
  4. Click Add and select the name of the user or team that will have View access to the alert.

    The system opens the User/Team member selector. It is editable for external Viewers.

  5. Optional: Click Add External User to add a user outside the system who needs to be notified about the alert.
    The external user will not have any visibility to the alert, they will only receive notifications. No service access is granted.
  6. Specify an Email Address for the viewer.

    The email address is editable for external Viewers. If there are duplicate email addresses in the list, you cannot save changes to the alert type.

  7. Select a Notification Priority to indicate at what alert priority the users will be alerted via email.

    Notifications will be sent for the priority level or higher. So if set to High, notifications will be sent only when the alert is set to High. If set to Low, then they will be notified for all priority types (Low, Medium, High). If this is blank (default), no notification will be sent.

  8. Click an Alert Type tab and continue entering information.
    When you are done entering the Alert Type information, click Save and Close.