Specifying Task Type Instructions

You can create a set of instructions for completing tasks. You can also add references to documents, files, or URLs to websites. For example, you can attach a policy document as a reference, or a link to a product instruction guide.

To specify instructions:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then Task Manager.
  2. Click the Task Types tab, and then click New.

  3. Enter the Task Type Name and Task Type ID.
  4. Select the Instructions tab.

  5. In Instructions, enter the instruction text.

To add a reference:

  1. In the References section, click Add.

  2. From the Type list, select one of these types:

    • Local File

      Enter a name, click Browse to select and attach the file, and click OK.

    • URL

      Enter a URL name, then enter the URL, for example: Oracle, http://www.oracle.com, and click OK.


    To add a reference file or URL to multiple task types at one time:

    1. Navigate to the Task Types main page.

    2. You can multi-select (either highlight more than one row or select more than one using the SHIFT key), and then click Actions, then Add Reference, then File or URL.


    You can also add one or more attachments by using drag and drop functionality available from the Add Attachments dialog box. You can rename the attachment in the Name field, if desired. If you drag and drop multiple attachments, you can upload them at one time.

    You must access the Add Attachments dialog box to properly drag and drop attachments.


To delete a reference, select the reference, and click Delete.