Creating Clear Cube Jobs

Users are able to remove the cube data using the Clear Cube option.

To create a Clear Cube job:

  1. On the Home page, click Applications, and then click Overview.
  2. On the Applications screen, click Actions, and then Clear Cube.
    clear cube
  3. On the Clear Cube page, click Create, enter the job name, select the cube, then select a clear option:
    • Clear All— Delete all data within a cube that is associated with the entities you select under Clear All options which includes:

      • Supporting Details

      • Comments

      • Attachments

      • Essbase Data

    • What you would like to clear

      • Upper-level blocks—Delete data in upper-level blocks

      • Non-input blocks—Delete data in non-input blocks

      • Dynamic blocks—Delete data in dynamic blocks

      • Empty blocks—Delete blocks with #MISSING values

  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. To view the job on the Clear Cube listing page, click Refresh.

To start the Clear Cube job right away or to delete a job, see Starting and Deleting Clear Cube Jobs