Intercompany Property for Entities

For Entity members, you specify if the member stores Intercompany detail. If you set the Intercompany property for an Entity member, a member with the same name is created in the Intercompany dimension with the name ICP_<Entity Name>. The alias for the Default Alias Table for the new member is automatically set as the alias for the Entity. If an alias is not defined, it is automatically set as the name of the added Entity.

For example, when an entity named UK is marked as Intercompany, a member named ICP_UK is automatically created. If an alias is defined for UK, the same alias is automatically set to the new Intercompany member ICP_UK. If an alias is not defined for UK, the alias is automatically set to UK.

If the alias of an Entity member that is marked as Intercompany changes, the alias of the associated Intercompany member also must be changed to the new alias.

If an Entity is marked as Intercompany and later the Intercompany property is removed, the associated Intercompany member must be removed.