Viewing Jobs and Non-Consolidation Jobs

The Jobs console lists the following types of jobs:

  • Jobs that are in a pending state under Pending Jobs
  • Jobs that are currently processing, have run and are completed, or have errors are listed under Recent Activity
  • Task Manager and Supplemental Data jobs are listed on the Non-Consolidation Jobs tab.


Jobs are retained in the Jobs console for 90 days.

To view the listings in the Jobs console:

  1. On the Home page, click Application.
  2. Click Jobs.
    Jobs page
  3. Perform a task:
    • To filter the list of pending jobs and recent activity, click the Filter icon Filter icon, select filter options, and then click Apply.

    • To search for a job, enter text in the Search field, and then click the Search icon Search icon.

    • To view details for jobs, click the name of the job.

    • To view details for Task Manager and Supplemental Data jobs, click the Non-Consolidation Jobs tab on the left. You have the option to filter the Jobs list by Name, Status, Created By (or Modified By), Start Date, or End Date.
      Viewing Non-Consolidation jobs for Task Manager and Supplemental Data