Setting the Datasource for TAR Payment and Refund Movement Members

In the TAR National and Regional forms, the Datasource for the Payments and Refunds movement members is set to TRCS_TARF_Input. On the TAR Automation form, the Target Datasource is set to "TRCS_TARF_Calc". To ensure the data for the Payments and Refunds is displayed on the forms and correctly calculated, you must edit the TAR National and TAR Regional forms to set the Datasource member to "TRCS_TARF_Calc" instead of "TRCS_TARF_Input".

After consolidation, the data will be correctly pulled into Payments and Refunds on the TAR form.

To edit Datasource member for Payment and Refund Movement members:

  1. From the Home page, click Navigator Navigator icon, then under Create and Manage, select Forms.
  2. Under Forms and Folders, expand Library, and then select TAR.
  3. Under Form and Ad Hoc Grid Management, select the appropriate form:
    • TAR (National)
    • TAR Regional
  4. Click Edit Edit icon, and then select the Layout tab.
  5. Under Attribute Dimensions, change the data source member for row Descendants(TRCS_TARFPaymentsRefunds) from TRCS_TARF_Input to TRCS_TARF_Calc.
    Change Datasource
  6. Click Save.
  7. Select Actions, and then Consolidate.
  8. On the TAR tab, review the Payments and Refunds to ensure the data is correctly displayed.