Uploading Fonts in Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Deployments

Oracle recommends that the report designer upload any TrueType fonts that your company uses to produce reports. You can upload individual font files or zipped files containing multiple TrueType fonts to the Fonts folder via Application Settings.

The font file must be a TrueType font and cannot already exist in the font folder structure. If you do upload a duplicate font, you will receive an error message indicating the duplicate (or invalid) font file. If you uploaded multiple fonts in a zip file, all other valid files are loaded.

To upload fonts in Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Deployments:

  1. From an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud service, click Application, and then click Settings. For more information, see Specifying Application Settings.
  2. To specify the reporting options, from Set Reporting Options, click Report Settings.
  3. From the Settings dialog, click Manage Fonts.
  4. In the Fonts dialog, click create, , and then select Upload File.
  5. Click Browse in the Upload File dialog to navigate to the TrueType fonts that you want to upload, and then click OK.


    If more than one font is to be uploaded, create a zip file.


    Be aware that it may take some time to perform the upload depending on the size of the font file.

    Upload file dialog showing an example of a zipped fonts file