Refresh the Database

When you have finished configuring entities and jurisdictions, refresh the database to incorporate your updates. Refreshing the database generates valid combination rules that restricts data entry to only the respective domicile jurisdictions – both national and regional.

  1. From the Application page, select Actions, and then Refresh Database.

    Action menu expanded with Refresh Database selected in the drop down menu

  2. In the Refresh Databasedialog box, click Create.

    Refresh Database dialog box with Create selected

  3. Click Refresh Database.

    Refresh Database dialog box with Refresh Database selected

  4. Read the warning about recreating the outline for all the cubes in the application, and then click Refresh.

    Refresh Database warning dialog box with Refresh selected

    A dialog box lets you know the status of the refresh operation.

    Cube Refresh/Create in Progress dialog box showing the progress of the refresh operation

  5. When the refresh is complete, click Finish.

    Cube Refresh/Create in Progress dailog box with Finish selected

  6. In the Refresh Database dialog box, click Close.

    Refresh Database dialog box with Close selected

  7. Click Close again.

    Refresh Database dialog box with Close selected

  8. Click Home button (Home button) to return to the Tax Reporting Home page.