5.4 About the Tasks List

A Tasks list displays on the right side of the SQL Scripts page.

The Task list contains the following links:

  • Manage Results - enables you to view, search, and display results.

  • Show Quotas - displays the Script Quotas page. The Script Quotas page shows the maximum size of a single result, the maximum size of all results, the quota used and the quota free. It also shows the maximum size of a SQL Script.

  • Export - enables you to export multiple scripts from the current SQL Script Repository for import into SQL Scripts in a different workspace. The scripts you select to export are encoded in a single export script written to your local file system. The export script is named workspace_name_script.sql by default.

  • Import - enables you to import a script exported by this workspace, or a different workspace. Import only imports scripts encoded in an export script created using Export. The export script to import must be accessible on your local file system.