About Notebooks

The Notebooks page lists all the notebooks associated with the selected project. You can create, edit, and run your notebooks here.

You can perform the following tasks in the Notebooks page:
  • To create a new notebook, select a project and click Create.

  • To edit a notebook, select the notebook and click Edit. You can edit the notebook name, and add comments in the Edit Notebook dialog box.

  • To create a copy of a notebook, select the notebook and click Duplicate. The duplicate copy of the selected notebook is created, and listed in the Notebooks page with the suffix _1 in the notebook name.

  • To save a notebook as a template, select the notebook and click Save as Template. You can save the template in Personal or Shared under Templates.

  • To delete a notebook, select it and click Delete.

  • To import a notebook as .json files, click Import. Select the project and workspace in which to import the notebook.

  • To create versions of a notebook, select it and click Version. You can experiment with your notebook by creating versions of it, and revert to an older version by clicking Revert Version.

  • To open a notebook and run it, click the notebook. The notebook opens in the edit mode.