19 Using OFS

The OFS implementation includes creating and accessing the file system and managing it.


19.1 Limitations of using OFS

Use of OFS is subjected to the following limitations:

  • DBFS mounted with ASM storage shows wrong mount size.

  • OFS mounted with local storage shows wrong mount size.

19.2 OFS Configuration Parameters

Table Table 19-1 specifies all the parameters that enable NFS access in the database.

Table 19-1 OFS Configuration Parameters

Parameter Name Description


This parameter is used to set the number of OFS worker threads to handle OFS requests.

Possible values:

  • An integer value in the range of 2–128

  • Default value is 4

19.3 OFS Client Interface

The OFS interface includes views and procedures that support OFS operations.


19.3.1 DBMS_FS Package

The DBMS_FS package enables users to perform operations on Oracle file system (make, mount, unmount and destroy) in the Oracle database.

See Also:

Oracle Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference for more information about Oracle OFS procedures.

19.3.2 Views for OFS

The views that support OFS operations start with V$OFS .

See Also:

Oracle Database Reference for the columns and data types of these views.