Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Net Services Administrator's Guide

These are the changes in Oracle Database Net Services Administrator's Guide for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2):

New Features

The following are the new features in Oracle Net Services:

  • Listener Parameter for Multiple Redirects

    Starting with Oracle Database 12c release 2 (12.2), Oracle Net listener supports multiple redirects with the introduction of a new listener parameter, ALLOW_MULTIPLE_REDIRECTS_listener_name. It supports seamless migration of a PDB from a local database to the Oracle Public Cloud.

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  • Sharding and Data Dependent Routing

    This feature provides the ability to horizontally partition the data across multiple independent Oracle databases, also called shards, and based on a key specified in the connect string, route the database requests to a particular shard.

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  • SCAN Listener Support for HTTP

    This feature enables load balancing across the HTTP presentation handlers residing on different nodes by redirecting to the least loaded node.

  • ExaDirect SQL*Net Adapter

    Use the ExaDirect SQL*Net adapter for low overhead database access. Use the new transport to improve latency and throughput by leveraging Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) in an InfiniBand environment.

  • Direct SQL*Net Access Over Oracle Cloud

    This feature enables Oracle Cloud support for Oracle Database over SQL*Net. The existing applications can use Oracle Cloud without any code changes.

    It allows the database clients to securely access the database public cloud service without opening an extra outbound port.

  • Service-Level ACLs for TCP Protocol

    This feature allows every database service to have its own access control list (ACL) and the ACL is based on IPs. Since each pluggable database is a different service, this feature enables different pluggable databases to have different ACLs. These ACLs are enforced by the listener. In other words, access to a pluggable database service is enabled only for IPs that are permitted through an ACL.

Deprecated Features

The following feature is deprecated in this release and may be desupported in a future release:

Deprecation of Weak Native Network Encryption and Integrity Algorithms

The DES, DES40, 3DES112, 3DES168, RC4_40, RC4_56, RC4_128, RC4_256, and MD5 algorithms are deprecated in this release.

As a result of this deprecation, Oracle recommends that you review your network encryption and integrity configuration to check if you have specified any of the deprecated weak algorithms.

To transition your Oracle Database environment to use stronger algorithms, download and install the patch described in My Oracle Support note 2118136.2.