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"Analytic Functions" for information on syntax, semantics, and restrictions, including valid forms of expr


RATIO_TO_REPORT is an analytic function. It computes the ratio of a value to the sum of a set of values. If expr evaluates to null, then the ratio-to-report value also evaluates to null.

The set of values is determined by the query_partition_clause. If you omit that clause, then the ratio-to-report is computed over all rows returned by the query.

You cannot nest analytic functions by using RATIO_TO_REPORT or any other analytic function for expr. However, you can use other built-in function expressions for expr. Refer to "About SQL Expressions" for information on valid forms of expr.


The following example calculates the ratio-to-report value of each purchasing clerk's salary to the total of all purchasing clerks' salaries:

SELECT last_name, salary, RATIO_TO_REPORT(salary) OVER () AS rr
   FROM employees
   WHERE job_id = 'PU_CLERK'
   ORDER BY last_name, salary, rr;

LAST_NAME                     SALARY         RR
------------------------- ---------- ----------
Baida                           2900 .208633094
Colmenares                      2500 .179856115
Himuro                          2600  .18705036
Khoo                            3100 .223021583
Tobias                          2800 .201438849