Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Utilities

This preface lists changes in Oracle Database Utilities for Oracle Database 18c.

Changes in Oracle Database 18c

This topic lists changes in Oracle Database Utilities for Oracle Database 18c

Oracle Data Pump, Export, and Import

  • The Data Pump Import DATA_OPTIONS parameter has a new CONTINUE_LOAD_ON_FORMAT_ERROR option. If Data Pump encounters a stream format error when loading table data, Data Pump attempts to skip forward to find the start of the next row and continue loading that data from that location.

  • For security purposes, Data Pump handles fixed user database links with passwords differently. For additional information, see Using Transparent Data Encryption with Other Oracle Features

  • Starting with Oracle Database 18c, you can include the unified audit trail in either full or partial export and import operations using Oracle Data Pump. For additional information, see Data Pump Components.

  • As of Oracle Database 18c, XML_CLOB option of the Export DATA_OPTIONS parameter is desupported.

Oracle LogMiner

  • The UTL_FILE_DIR initialization parameter is desupported. It is still supported for backward compatibility, but Oracle recommends that you instead use directory objects. This desupport affects extracting LogMiner dictionaries to flat files. See Extracting the LogMiner Dictionary to a Flat File.


  • The DATA_OPTIONS parameter of the DBMS_DATAPUMP.SET_PARAMETER procedure has a new option, KU$_DATAOPT_CONT_LOAD_ON_FMT_ERR. This option tells Data Pump to continue loading data from the next row if it encounters stream format errors in the table data.

External Tables

  • External tables can be used as inline external tables in SQL statements, thus eliminating the need to create an external table as a persistent database object in the data dictionary.