OracleXmlQueryProperties Members

OracleXmlQueryProperties members are listed in the following tables.

OracleXmlQueryProperties Constructors

The OracleXmlQueryProperties constructors are listed in Table 7-2.

Table 7-2 OracleXmlQueryProperties Constructors

Constructor Description

OracleXmlQueryProperties Constructor

Instantiates a new instance of the OracleXmlQueryProperties class

OracleXmlQueryProperties Properties

The OracleXmlQueryProperties properties are listed in Table 7-3.

Table 7-3 OracleXmlQueryProperties Properties

Name Description


Specifies the maximum number of rows from the result set of the query that can be represented in the result XML document


Specifies the root element of the result XML document


Specifies the value of the XML element which identifies a row of data from the result set in an XML document


Specifies the XSL document used for XML transformation using XSLT


Specifies parameters for the XSL document

OracleXmlQueryProperties Public Methods

The OracleXmlQueryProperties public methods are listed in Table 7-4.

Table 7-4 OracleXmlQueryProperties Public Methods

Name Description


Creates a copy of an OracleXmlQueryProperties object