6 The Data Load Page

Use the Data Load page to make more data available to your Oracle Autonomous Database. You can load data from files or databases, from links to external databases or cloud storage files, or from a live feed of data from cloud storage.

From the Data Load page, you can also explore the data in your autonomous database and manage your cloud storage locations.

To reach the Data Load page, click Data Load in the Database Actions page, or click the SelectorSelectoricon and select Data Load from the Data Tools menu in the navigation pane.

To load or create links to data or create live table feeds, on the Data Load page, select a combination of an operation and a data source location. The following table lists the operations and the source locations that support those operations.

Operation Source Location Description

Load data

Local file


Cloud storage

Load data from files on your local device, from remote databases, or from cloud storage into tables in your Oracle Autonomous Database.

Link data


Cloud storage

Create external tables or views in your Oracle Autonomous Database that link to data in cloud storage or remote databases. Changes to the source data automatically appear in the target objects.

Feed data

Cloud storage

Set up a feed of data from a cloud storage bucket into a table. Changes to the source data load into the target table as scheduled or on demand.

The following topics describe these actions.