Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Documentation
Release 18.1

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is the world's fastest OLTP database. It is a relational in-memory database with a rich feature set. TimesTen supports SQL, standard APIs, complete ACID properties, and highly available replication mechanisms. A TimesTen database resides entirely in physical memory and is persistent and recoverable. By managing data in memory and optimizing data structures and access algorithms, database operations run efficiently, achieving dramatic gains in responsiveness and throughput.

You can deploy TimesTen as a standalone database and a cache to a backend Oracle database. You can use the TimesTen Kubernetes Operator to deploy, manage, and monitor your TimesTen databases in a Kubernetes environment. These options provide powerful, robust, and fully supported solutions to meet your specific business and data requirements.

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Use the following resources to get started with TimesTen or jump straight to the guides. You can also download all the TimesTen Release 18.1 documentation to your computer.

What's New?

Quick Start

Install, create an instance, and create your first TimesTen Classic database or deploy your first TimesTen Scaleout grid.