Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is the world’s fastest OLTP database. It can be deployed as a standalone database, a shared-nothing database scaled across dozens of hosts, and it can be used as a cache for Oracle Database.

TimesTen databases are memory-optimized, fully persistent, strongly consistent, and recoverable, enabling users to streamline operations, attract new customers and increase their loyalty. Use TimesTen to capture, analyze, and process data from millions of simultaneous transactions in just microseconds.

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Upgrade To a Supported Release
Release 11g Release 2 (11.2.2) is an end-of-life version of TimesTen. TimesTen 22.1 and TimesTen 18.1 are currently supported long-term releases.

To upgrade to these releases:

  1. Enhancements made between releases to the replication protocol mean that to perform an online upgrade between and 22.1 or 18.1, the release must be or later. If you are using a version prior to the, upgrade to a newer release. See TimesTen Upgrades.
  2. Move to 22.1. See Moving to a different major release using ttMigrate. You can alternatively migrate to 18.1. See Offline upgrade: Moving to a different major release.