Destroying a TimesTen Client Instance

The ttInstanceDestroy utility destroys an existing instance. The instance that will be destroyed is based on the current setting of the TIMESTEN_HOME environment variable, which indicates the instance home directory. Run the ttInstanceDestroy utility that is located in the bin directory of the associated installation. (For example, installation_dir/tt22.

Only the instance administrator (the user who created the instance) can destroy the instance.


There can be no existing connections to databases associated with the instance you are destroying.

Run the ttInstanceDestroy utility with the -help option to list the available options. See ttInstanceDestroy in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference for detailed descriptions.


The -force option completes the operation without prompting for confirmation.

This example runs the ttInstanceDestroy utility interactively to destroy the client. instance. The utility runs from the installation_dir/tt22. directory (the installation directory for the instance). Recall that the instance home directory (timesten_home) contains a subdirectory (/install) that is a symbolic link to the top-level directory of the instance's associated installation. See Instance Home for information.

% installation_dir/tt22.
   The uninstallation has been executed by a non-root user.
   If the TimesTen daemon startup scripts were installed,
   you must run $TIMESTEN_HOME/bin/setuproot -uninstall
   to remove them. If you proceed with this uninstallation, you
   will have to remove the startup scripts manually.
   All files in the directory:
   will be removed, including any file that you or other users may have created.
   Are you sure you want to completely remove this instance? [ yes ] yes
   Installation will remove all the files from
   Do you want to continue? [ yes ] yes
NOTE: /scratch/ttuser/clientmac/info contains information related to the 
      data stores that have been created with this release. If you remove
      you will no longer be able to access your data stores,
      nor would you be able to restore nor migrate your data.
NOTE: /scratch/ttuser/clientmac/conf contains information related to the instance
/scratch/ttuser/clientmac Removed
The TimesTen instance clientmac has been destroyed.