6 Using the ttIsql Utility

The TimesTen ttIsql utility is a general tool for working with a TimesTen data source.

The ttIsql command line interface is used to issue SQL statements and built-in ttIsql commands to perform various operations. Some common tasks that are typically accomplished using ttIsql include:

  • Database setup and maintenance. Creating tables and indexes, altering existing tables and updating table statistics can be performed quickly and easily using ttIsql.

  • Retrieval of information on database structures. The definitions for tables, indexes and cache groups can be retrieved using built-in ttIsql commands. In addition, the current size and state of the database can be displayed.

  • Optimizing database operations. The ttIsql utility can be used to alter and display query optimizer plans for the purpose of tuning SQL operations. The time required to run various ODBC function calls can also be displayed.

The following sections describe how the ttIsql utility is used to perform these types of tasks:

For more information on ttIsql commands, see the ttIsql section in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference.