Introduction to Plug-In Manager

Plug-In Manager is a feature of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, that serves as a single window solution for performing all plug-in deployment-related activities, through GUI as well as CLI. Using Plug-In Manager, you can:

  • View plug-ins available for download; plug-ins that have been downloaded; and plug-ins that have been deployed to Cloud Control.

  • View certification and critical information about plug-ins such as the name of the plug-in, the vendor who supplied it, the plug-in ID and version, and a short description.

  • Deploy plug-ins on OMS.

  • Deploy and re-deploy plug-in on Management Agent.

  • Create custom plug-in update.

  • Undeploy plug-ins from OMS and Management Agent.

  • View the status of a plug-in deployment operations.

Accessing Plug-In Manager

To access the Plug-In Manager console, from the Setup menu, select Extensibility, and then select Plug-ins.

Figure 23-5 illustrates how you can access Plug-in Manager.

Figure 23-5 Navigating to Plug-In Manager

Plug-In Lifecycle Application Console

Performing Operations Using Plug-In Manager

Using Plug-in Manager, you can deploy, upgrade, redeploy, and undeploy plug-ins.

Figure 23-6 shows the operations you can perform using the Plug-In Manager.

Figure 23-6 Plug-In Manager Operations

Plug-In Lifecycle Application Console Operations