Build and Test SMART on FHIR Applications


This page provides the resources and steps for developers to build and test applications using the SMART on FHIR specification.

You can use the SMART on FHIR tutorial page as a reference for SMART applications built with Oracle Health FHIR APIs.


Build and Test an Application

Complete the following steps to build and test a SMART on FHIR application:

  1. Use the open endpoint to access the sandbox without authentication. See the Open Sandbox section of the Service Root URL page for more information. This endpoint is recommended for initial proof of concepts and integration.

    Note: The open endpoint exposes read-only resources. Writes are available only when using authentication.

  2. If you encounter issues as you create your application, you can post questions on the Oracle Health Developer Forums. Questions and answers are also available to view on the archived Oracle Cerner FHIR Developers Google group.

  3. When you are ready to test your application against the authenticated endpoint, review the Authorization Framework page.

  4. Register your application in code Console to test the authentication and use of all the declared scopes. code Console requires a CernerCare account, which you can create upon initial use. For provider-facing applications, you can select any patient from a list of patients in the sandbox environment to begin testing. After selecting a patient to test, you can open your application from a new browser window in code Console.

  5. Once your application is registered in code Console, you can use the authenticated endpoint (secure sandbox) to test the authentication and use of all declared scopes. See the Secure Sandbox section of the Service Root URL page for more information.

Additional Resources