Oracle Health Millennium Platform

Oracle Health Millennium Platform provides APIs across the Oracle Health products built on top of the Millennium platform. These APIs allow you to use the HL7 FHIR standard in your SMART application.

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Learn about the resources that make up the Oracle Cerner implementation of the HL7 FHIR standard.

Supported versions

The Oracle Cerner implementation currently supports both the R4 First Normative Content (4.0.1) version and DSTU 2 Final (1.0.2) version of the HL7 FHIR standard. The implementation of the R4 version is ongoing and new resources and actions will be added over time.

Supported resources between versions

To determine what resources and actions the R4 and DSTU 2 implementations support, you can browse the documentation for both and compare versions. You can also compare the CapabilityStatement (R4) and Conformance (DSTU 2) endpoints for the list of supported resources and actions.

See the US Core Data for Interoperability section of the HL7 FHIR US Core Implementation Guide for more information.

Recommended version

Determining which version to use depends upon your use case. If the R4 implementation meets all of your requirements, target your development against the R4 version. To determine if the R4 version meets your requirements, consider supported resources and actions, patient access, and technical requirements. R4 has more capabilities, such as create and modify, that are not patched back to DSTU 2.

The Oracle Cerner R4 implementation supports patient access for resources in alignment with requirements set by the 2015 Edition Cures Act (Formerly Meaningful Use 3). The implementation will achieve a like-for-like implementation of all resources and actions currently supported by DSTU 2. Existing DSTU 2 applications eventually need to be migrated to the R4 implementation. For this reason, we recommend development against R4 whenever possible.


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